The Secret Finfoot

on June 16, 2022

Need help solving this crossword? Learn more about the finfoot as Professor Barry Mins studies kinds that may have been on the Ark.

Masked Finfoot

Masked Finfoot, ouhid biplob, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

  1. These birds are very uncommon, secretive, and considered __________ in many areas.
  2. There are only three _______ in this kind, and each is found on a different continent.
  3. They like slow-moving water or ponds in the _______ they call home.
  4. They feed almost entirely in the _____ and have a broad diet.
  5. Nesting takes place in the overhanging __________ of these birds’ home range.
  6. The eggs are incubated for less than two _____.
  7. The male will carry the chicks in special _______ under his wings.
  8. Males and females share the responsibility of __________ the eggs.
  9. These birds look vaguely like a cross between a ____ and rail.
  10. This bird belongs to the _______ kind.

Word Bank

  • Duck
  • Endangered
  • Finfoot
  • Forests
  • Incubating
  • Pouches
  • Species
  • Vegetation
  • Water
  • Weeks
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