The Mystery of Created Kinds

on November 16, 2021

For help in solving this crossword puzzle, please see The Mystery of Created Kinds.

Dogs and Cats
  1. In Genesis 1:24, God created animals according to their _____.
  2. In Genesis 2:19, Adam _____ the animals.
  3. Adam could tell the animal kinds apart by _______ at them.
  4. Animal kinds got on the ark with ____ and his family.
  5. Two members of the same kind can have ______.
  6. Another word for created kinds is ________.
  7. Scientists who study created kinds are called _______________.
  8. As animals got off the Ark, they _____ across the earth.
  9. The _____ never gives us an exact definition of the word kind.
  10. The idea that two members of the same kind can have babies together is known as the hybridization ________.
  11. As animals spread across the earth after the Flood, they became more ___________ to their environments.
  12. Some animals specialized so much after the _____ that they couldn’t have babies anymore.
  13. Telling animals apart just by looking at them is called the ________ approach.
  14. The code that determines what each living thing looks like is called ___.

Word Bank

  • Babies
  • Baramins
  • Baraminologists
  • Bible
  • Criteria
  • Cognitum
  • DNA
  • Flood
  • Kinds
  • Looking
  • Named
  • Noah
  • Specialized
  • Spread
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