Bat Crossword

on January 7, 2008

Can you solve the bat crossword puzzle challenge?

  • God created bats with other flying creatures on this day.
  • When we have a question about creation, we need to look here first.
  • All of these look similar to the bats we see today.
  • A bat’s wing is structured like this part of our body.
  • Some bats have lived to be this old.
  • A bat is not a bird, but is actually in this class.
  • This is what baby bats are called.
  • This is what the mother bat feeds her babies.
  • Bats use this to “see” at night.
  • Bats often hang out here during the day and sleep.
  • A bat can eat up to 1,000 of these in a single hour.
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Bats: Marvels or Monsters?

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