Israel Crossword

on March 3, 2014

Using the clues and the words in the list below, fill in the crossword puzzle.

Vocabulary Words

  • Angel
  • Anoint
  • Canaan
  • David
  • Feast
  • Idols
  • Israel
  • Jericho
  • Jerusalem
  • Joshua
  • Judah
  • Judges
  • Obey
  • Saul
  • Solomon
  • Spy
  • Tabernacle
  • Tell
  • Temple

Crossword Puzzle

  • The shepherd boy who became king of Israel.
  • The first king of Israel.
  • The wisest man who ever lived.
  • Joshua marched around this city for seven days because God told him the walls would fall down.
  • Before Israel had kings, they had __________.
  • The messenger that gave Joshua instructions for conquering Jericho.
  • In the divided kingdom there were Judah and __________.
  • Where God lived, and the priests ministered.
  • God commanded a __________ to remember the passover.
  • __________ el Armana.
  • What Joshua, Caleb, and ten other men were sent into Canaan to do.
  • The promised land.
  • The man God chose to come after Moses.
  • The southern kingdom in the divided kingdoms.
  • When God's people would not __________ Him, He would punish them.
  • The holy city.
  • God had Samuel __________ the shepherd David to become king.
  • The tent that served as a temple for God.
  • Jeroboam, king of Israel, set up __________ for the people to worship, telling them, "these are the gods who brought you out of Egypt."
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