Grand Canyon Crossword

on September 19, 2018
Grand Canyon

How much do you know about the Grand Canyon? Do you know how it formed or how old it is? Use your knowledge to solve this crossword puzzle. If you need help, find answers in these articles (or use the word bank):

  1. The Grand Canyon is up to ________ miles wide in some places.
  2. _______ _____ are animals that climb on rocks in the canyon.
  3. There are ____ trips down the river at the bottom of the canyon.
  4. The ________ River flows through the bottom of the canyon.
  5. The Grand Canyon is evidence of the rapidly deposited sediment ______ deposited during Noah’s flood.
  6. Canyons don’t require ________ of years to form.
  7. The canyon is evidence of what a lot of water over a _____ period of time can do.
  8. Some of the ________ rocks (schists and granites) are from the creation week.
  9. There are several areas of the Grand Canyon that show rocks bent almost ______ degrees.
  10. Rock can sometimes be bent without cracking by _____________, under intense heat and pressure.
  11. Dr. Andrew Snelling is currently testing samples from ______ rock layers to show that they were not formed under intense heat and pressure.
  12. Dr. Snelling believes the folded rock layers were formed while they were still ____.
  13. The Grand Canyon is only a few ________ years old.
  14. Shortly after the global flood, the ___ ___ began.
Raft Trip

Word Bank

  • Thousand
  • Millions
  • Metamorphosis
  • Colorado
  • Soft
  • Short
  • Folded
  • Ice Age
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Basement
  • Short
  • Eighteen
  • Raft
  • Layers
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