on June 19, 2019
Pink Flamingo

By Athanasios lampridis via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that God created birds, such as the flamingo, on Day Five of the creation week, approximately 6,000 years ago? He designed the flamingo with characteristics that it needs to survive. Can you solve this crossword puzzle about flamingos? If you need help, find answers in these articles (or use the word bank):

  1. Flamingos have pink feathers because of the ________ in the foods they eat.
  2. Flamingos turn their heads ______-____ to eat.
  3. A group of flamingos is called a ______.
  4. God created birds on Day ____ of the creation week.
  5. The creation week is described in the book of _______ in the Bible.
  6. Flamingos are in the class called ____.
  7. There are ___ species of flamingos.
  8. God said all the winged birds He created during the creation week were ____.
  9. Flamingos can live up to ______ years.
  10. When flamingos rest, they _______ on one leg.
  11. Flamingos have knees at the ___ of their legs, hidden by feathers.
  12. Flamingo nests are made of ___.

Word Bank

  • Aves
  • Balance
  • Colony
  • Five
  • Genesis
  • Good
  • Mud
  • Pigments
  • Six
  • Thirty
  • Top
  • Upside Down
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