Joy of Christmas Crossword

on December 27, 2017
  1. An angel appeared to the _____ to tell them the Savior had been born.
  2. The shepherds hurried to Bethlehem and found the baby Jesus lying in a _____.
  3. God told Simeon he wouldn’t die until he had seen the _____.
  4. At the temple in Jerusalem, Simeon took Jesus in his arms and _____ him.
  5. Wise men from the east saw a _____ and knew that a king had been born.
  6. The star led the wise men to a house in Bethlehem where they _____ Jesus.
  7. The wise men gave gifts of _____, frankincense, and myrrh to Jesus.

Word Bank

  • Blessed
  • Gold
  • Manger
  • Savior
  • Shepherds
  • Star
  • Worshipped
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ABC 2017 Christmas Lessons (Excerpt)

This Christmas season, learn how God promised to send a Savior, how God prepared for Jesus’ birth, and how Jesus’ coming brings joy.

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