Christmas Bingo

on December 19, 2017


  • Word cards (download below)
  • Bingo sheets (download below)
  • Container for word cards
  • Small wrapped candies, such as Hershey’s® Kisses to use for markers (enough for a handful per student)


Print and cut out enough bingo sheets for each player to have one; use all four sheets for variety.

Print and cut out three copies of the word cards and put into a container.

Pass out a handful of candies to each player. Draw word cards one at a time from the container and announce what it says. Players will use a candy to mark one matching picture on their bingo sheet.

Continue playing as time allows or until someone gets a complete row filled in on their sheet and shouts “Merry Christmas!”


Christmas is a wonderful time of year! There are many things we love about Christmas. Many of those things are on your bingo sheets.

Which pictures come from the Bible? What about the pictures that aren’t from the Bible? What do they remind us of at Christmastime?

To find out more about the true meaning of Christmas, read Christmas Lesson One: The Hope of Christmas.

Christmas Bingo Download PDF

ABC 2017 Christmas Lessons (Excerpt)

This Christmas season, learn how God promised to send a Savior, how God prepared for Jesus’ birth, and how Jesus’ coming brings joy.

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