Brain Games—Let There Be Lights

on September 1, 2018

Read this issue and then use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle. Can you do it?

  1. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our sun is actually a ____.
  2. Other stars can brighten and dim a lot. Wild swings like that with our sun would make life on earth __________.
  3. The moon has an odd _____ around the earth.
  4. God created the sun and moon on day ____ of creation week.
  5. The sun is the ideal ________ from earth. Not too close or we’d burn, and not too far away or we’d freeze.
  6. A _____ _______ happens when the moon passes in front of the sun.
  7. While our sun does shoot out _____ ______, they’re tame in comparison to other stars.
  8. One thing is very different about our moon: how ___ God designed it to be compared to the earth.
  9. About every two years, the ____ passes in front of the sun, hiding it from view somewhere on earth.
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Let There Be Lights

God designed the sun and moon perfectly for us to live on earth.

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