Ark Word Scramble

on April 1, 2007

The record of Noah and the Flood found in the Bible shows that God is a Sovereign God. (See Genesis 6-8.) “Sovereign” means that God is in control of everything that happens. Let’s think about it!

Unscramble each word to finish the sentences below.

dGo: told Noah how to build the Ark.
hNao: God provided all that needed, including great wisdom.
slmaina: God brought all the right to the Ark at just the right time.
eespca: God provided a seaworthy, safe way for man and animals to His judgement.
dolof: God made the cover the entire earth.
kra: God directed Noah when to leave the .
broanwi: God provided a as a sign that He would never send another worldwide flood.

We serve and obey a very great and sovereign God!

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