Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Game

on November 16, 2017


  • Small paper bag
  • Small wrapped candies
  • Turkey feathers (download below)
  • Turkey footprints (download below)
  • Tape


Before Class

Fill a small paper bag with candies, fold the top down to seal it closed. Draw a turkey face on one end (eyes, beak, wattle). Hide the turkey in your classroom. Print and cut out the turkey feathers with the review questions on them. Hide the feathers around the room. Print and cut out enough of the turkey footprints to tape on the floor as a path leading to each feather. Save some footprints to lead to the turkey bag after the last feather.

During Class

Lead the class around the room, following the footprints to each feather. As you come to a feather, ask the review question on the feather. When it is answered correctly, follow the footprints to the next feather. After all the review questions are answered, follow the last footprints to the turkey bag and share the candy inside.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Download PDF

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