Thanksgiving Quick Draw

on November 8, 2018


  • Colorful Thanksgiving paper cups, one per student
  • Colored craft sticks
  • Markers
  • Optional: glue and decorations (construction paper, google eyes) or stickers
  • Optional: timer, white board and markers, paper and pencil


Pass out one paper cup and a handful of craft sticks to each student. Place markers and other supplies on each table. Explain that students will be making their own game of Quick Draw to take home and play with their friends and family. They will write a clue word at the end of each craft stick. The clues are words that will be drawn for others to guess and should be related to either Thanksgiving or the lesson. Brainstorm some clues together and write them on the board for students to copy. Words may include turkey, pumpkin pie, corn on the cob, Bible, shipwreck, prayer, etc.

If the cups are not already colorful/decorated, have students add stickers or use construction paper to make a beak and feathers then add google eyes for a “turkey” cup. Have students place the craft sticks inside the cup with the clue words down.

To play the game, players take turns taking a stick from the cup and drawing pictures of the clue word on a white board or a piece of paper for the others to guess. Set a timer (e.g., 30 seconds) and award a point to the drawer and/or guesser if the clue is guessed before the time runs out. Have individuals keep track of scores. For a large group, divide into teams and alternate between drawers on each team until all the clues are used.

If time, you may choose to play Quick Draw in class using the students’ clue words.

Suggested Discussion

We have many blessings from God that we should remember to thank him for. Some of your clue words are good things we enjoy, like special Thanksgiving foods and desserts. We learned today that we must thank God even during the bad times. It is when we have difficulties that we must pray and ask God for help and give him our worries. God promises to be with us and give us peace.

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ABC 2018 Thanksgiving Lessons (Excerpt)

God has commanded us to give thanks in all circumstances, including both good and bad times.

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