Resurrection Race

Answers Bible Curriculum Easter Lessons

on March 19, 2018


  • White board or paper
  • Markers or pencils
  • Eraser
  • Masking tape


Divide students into two teams (or more, based on class size). Divide the board into sections or supply paper attached to the wall or on a table for each team. Have markers or pencils available. NOTE: if you use paper, make sure markers won’t soak through to the wall or table.

Write the phrase “Jesus is risen” on the board or on paper for reference. Use tape to mark a start line across the room from the board/paper and have teams line up. Explain that teams will be racing to complete the phrase “Jesus is risen,” writing one letter at a time.

When you say “Go!” the first students will race to the board/paper, write the letter J, leave the marker there, run back to their line, and tag the next person. The next students will run to write the letter E and so on until teams complete the phrase. The first team to complete the phrase and return to their line wins.

You may repeat the race, giving the students a new phrase to complete (e.g., Jesus rose from the grave, Jesus is alive, The tomb is empty, or Happy Resurrection Day) or having students run backwards, hop, or complete another action to get across the room and back.

Suggested Discussion

A lot of running happened in our lesson today. The women raced to tell the disciples that Jesus appeared to them. Peter and John raced to the empty tomb. And the two followers Jesus spoke to on the road hurried back to Jerusalem to tell others they’d seen Jesus.

Jesus’ followers were excited to hear the good news that Christ had risen. Jesus conquered death so we can have forgiveness and eternal life. We should be excited to share this message with our friends and family, too.

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