Pass the Football

on November 8, 2018


  • Toy football or another light object to pass
  • One copy of Action Strips (download below)
  • Small bowl or football helmet for the strips
  • Kids’ worship music


Print and cut out one set of Action Strips and place in a football helmet or small bowl. Have the students stand in a circle. Explain that they will pass the football around the circle while you play some music. When you stop the music, whoever is holding the football is “out” and must stand in the center of the circle. Continue the game until three students are standing in the middle. Have one student from the middle draw an Action Strip from the bowl/helmet and read the silly action. The students in the middle must then perform the silly action together as their punishment. After completing their punishment, students may return to the game. Play for a set time or until each student has had a turn in the middle.

Suggested Discussion

The punishments in our game were fun and silly, but in real life punishments aren’t any fun.

Sometimes people think that everything bad that happens is God’s punishment. We may have consequences for sin, but we must remember that bad things like sickness and suffering can happen as part of living in a world that’s been polluted by sin. Our lesson today will explore how we can deal with bad times and even give thanks for them!

Pass the Football Download PDF

ABC 2018 Thanksgiving Lessons (Excerpt)

God has commanded us to give thanks in all circumstances, including both good and bad times.

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