The Hope of Christmas—Musical Questions Review Game

on December 12, 2017

To read the lesson before playing this game, please see Christmas Lesson One: The Hope of Christmas.


  • Review Questions (download below)
  • Chairs
  • Christmas music
  • Optional: different color/style chair, masking tape, gift bow, or gift bag


Print one copy of the Review Questions (download below).

Set up chairs either in a circle facing out or in two rows back to back so students have room to walk around them. Start with one fewer chair than the total number of students. Explain that you’ll be playing a version of musical chairs using review questions.

Instruct students to walk in front of the chairs when you play the music. When the music stops, they will race to find a seat. Whoever is left standing will answer a review question. If the answer is correct, he or she remains in the game. If incorrect, he or she is out and will wait to the side. Remove a chair each time a student gives an incorrect answer. Continue asking review questions and removing chairs for a set time or until you have a winner. Repeat questions as necessary.

Option: for a noncompetitive version, keep enough chairs for all students and mark one chair as the “question” chair (use a different color/style chair or mark one chair with tape, a gift bow, or gift bag under the seat). Play the music and have students walk around the chairs until the music stops. The student in the question chair answers a review question. Continue playing music and having students change seats until all the review questions are answered.

Hope of Christmas Review Questions Download PDF

ABC 2017 Christmas Lessons (Excerpt)

This Christmas season, learn how God promised to send a Savior, how God prepared for Jesus’ birth, and how Jesus’ coming brings joy.

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