Grab the Egg

Answers Bible Curriculum Easter Lesson

on March 8, 2018

We encourage you to review the lesson by playing the following game. Students will race to grab a plastic egg and answer questions to earn points for their team.


  • Review Questions (download below)
  • Large plastic egg, beanbag, bell, or other object
  • Table
  • Optional: small treats


Print one copy of the Review Questions for your use. Place a table at the front of the room and put the egg/object on it in the middle.

Divide the class into two teams. Have teams stand or sit in two rows facing each other. Have the first two students in each team come up to the table and stand with their hands behind their backs. Read a review question, then say, “Go!” The first student to grab the egg will answer the question. If it is correct, award 10 points to that team. If it is incorrect, the other student may answer correctly to earn 5 points for his team. Both students return to the end of their team’s row, and the next two students come to the table.

Keep the game moving by having students come quickly to the table and return quickly to their rows. Keep track of scores on the board or a piece of paper, or have an assistant/student do it. Continue until all students have come to the table at least once and all the questions have been asked. The team with the highest score at the end wins. If desired, award treats to the winning team or to the whole class.

Grab the Egg Download PDF
Easter Lesson Two Review Questions Download PDF

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