Freeze! Freeze! Frozen! Game

on May 1, 2017

Saul was a mean and sinful man, throwing Christians into prison and even killing them. He hated God’s people (see Acts 9:1–22).

Saul was evil.

But then God changed him and forgave him of his sins. Saul repented of his sin and stopped being mean to Christians. He believed that Jesus was his Savior. He became a child of God, a Christian, himself. After that, he told everyone he could about God. He wanted everyone to become a child of God because he realized how loving and wonderful God is.

God changed, or transformed, Saul into a better person. His name even changed because God sent him to a group of people who understood the name Paul better than the name Saul. And God chose to have Paul write down some of the books of the Bible as God breathed the words to Paul.

Paul was transformed.

God isn’t going to change your name like Paul’s did, but He does promise to change each of His children. You become a child of God if you repent of your sins and believe in Jesus. Paul was involved in murder and hurting other people. Those were sins before God. We may not have murdered anyone, but each one of us has sinned before God. We have disobeyed God’s commands—everyone has. The punishment for sin is death and eternal separation from God’s goodness forever. We need to repent of our sins and believe that Jesus was the one who paid the penalty for sin on our behalf by dying on the Cross and rising from the dead. When we do that, we can become a child of God. He then promises to transform us over time so we become more like His Son Jesus.

We’ve talked about how God changed Paul’s life. We could never tell all the ways God has used His Word to change people throughout time. But we’re going to play a game to touch on just a few of the ways the Bible has impacted our planet.

The game is called Freeze, Freeze, Frozen! We’ll divide into teams of 4-5 each. I’ll give you a question. If your team writes the correct answer on your board, you get to draw Freeze, Freeze, Frozen! cards. Each Freeze, Freeze, Frozen! card has a point total on it, the word Freeze!, or the word Frozen! (see cards below). You may draw cards as long as you want, gaining points as you go, but if you draw a Freeze! card, you lose all the points from that turn. If you draw a Frozen! card, you lose all the points you have so far. You will record your points on your board. Any questions? Let’s divide into teams and pass out supplies, then we’ll begin.

Freeze, Freeze, Frozen! Questions

There are 13 questions that follow. Do some or all, depending on how much time you have, in whatever order you want.

  1. This was a bad practice in America until around the time of the Civil War. Teachings from the Bible helped to get rid of it.
  2. This is a type of building that has a collection of something. When you go into it, you need to be quiet so you won’t disturb people who are reading and studying. It wouldn’t be what it is without the Bible’s influence.
  3. This is something done at Christmas time that children love. This custom was inspired by a Bible account.
  4. This was an explorer who wanted to spread the Word of God to other places, so he traveled and discovered new lands.
  5. They were brothers who lived in Ohio. They decided to invent an airplane after studying God’s brilliant design in birds.
  6. This is used every day, all over the world. People sometimes hang it on the wall to see what day it is. It is based on the numbers 7, 28, 30, and 31.
  7. He was famous for his artwork and inventions. He painted many famous scenes from the Bible, including the Last Supper.
  8. He was one of the most famous scientists of all time. He believed the Bible and used it as a guide in understanding how God’s world works. By carefully observing falling objects, he was able to describe the force of gravity as one of God’s laws of nature.
  9. This was a church denomination that was started because of the Bible. Its founders, the Booths, were strong Christians who believed in sharing the message of the Bible while helping the poor, homeless, and hungry. They wanted to share the hope of salvation.
  10. He was a devout reader of the Bible, and God gave him the talent to write brilliant Christian music. He believed music’s purpose was to glorify God. He was known all over the world as one of the greatest composers of all time.
  11. He invented the telegraph, which was an important discovery to aid communication. The first words sent by telegraph were, “What hath God wrought?”
  12. He was a missionary in South America among a fierce tribe called the Aucas. Sharing the message of the Bible with them was so important to him that he risked his life and was killed by them. A movie, called the End of the Spear, was made about his life.
  13. This is a common expression people say to show something is pure white. It comes right from the Bible.

After hearing all of that, wouldn’t you agree that the Bible has had an incredible impact on the earth? Tally the Freeze, Freeze, Frozen points (see answers below and use the Freeze, Freeze, Frozen game cards) and announce the winner. God has used His Word in a mighty way to shed light and love and goodness, and to fight darkness and evil and sin. Can you imagine what the planet would be like if we didn’t have the Bible?

Incredible Impact
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