Easter Picture Hunt

on March 8, 2018


  • Easter Pictures (download below)
  • Tape or poster putty
  • Five envelopes
  • Easter basket
  • Bible


Print, cut, and color the five Easter Pictures. Fold them and put them each into an envelope. Label the envelopes so you know what is in each one. Hide the envelopes around the room.

Have students search for the envelopes and put them into the basket. Call on students to open each envelope and attach the picture to the wall or board using tape or poster putty. Save the cross and empty tomb for last. Discuss what each picture is and if it is something special the Bible talks about. For example, when you show the bunny picture, flip through the Bible pages then say, “The Bible doesn’t tell us anything special about bunnies.” For the cross and tomb pictures, show excitement as you flip through the Bible pages and say something like, “Wow! The Bible says a lot about the cross. This must be an important thing to celebrate!”

Continue with the lesson after you have “searched” the Bible for all five pictures.

Easter Picture Hunt Download PDF