Draw Dice Game

Answers Bible Curriculum Easter Lesson

on March 7, 2018

We encourage you to review the lesson by playing the following game. Teams will answer questions and roll the dice to complete a simple drawing to win. Who will finish their drawing first?


  • Review Questions (download below)
  • One drawing area for each team (paper, white board, etc.)
  • Pencils or white board markers
  • Two dice


Print one copy of the Review Questions for your use. Divide the class into two teams. Give each team a sheet of paper and a pencil, or divide the white board in half. Draw a cross on the board as an example (see illustration below) and write out what they’ll draw according to the following rolls:

6 = hill
5 = left base of cross
4 = right base of cross
3 = left crossbeam
2 = right crossbeam
1 = top of cross
Lesson Review Game

Ask the first team a review question. If they answer correctly, have them roll the die. To begin drawing their cross, each team must wait until they roll a six. They will then draw the hill on their paper or the board. After they have drawn the hill, as they give correct answers to the questions, they can continue to draw the other parts of the Cross according to the numbers they roll.

Continue giving each team a turn to answer a question, roll the die, and draw for rolls they haven’t made yet. Repeat the questions as necessary. The first team to finish their cross on the hill wins.

ABC Easter Lesson One Review Game—Draw Dice Download PDF
ABC Easter Lesson One Review Questions Download PDF

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