Christmas Star Game

on December 27, 2017

We encourage you to review the Joy of Christmas lesson by playing this game.


  • Star Questions
  • Tape
  • Treats or prizes
  • Gift-wrapped box for treats/prizes


Print and cut out the Star Questions. Put the treats/prizes in the gift-wrapped box and hide it in your classroom. Tape the large star near it. Place the other stars around the room where they will be fairly easy to find (tape them on the wall, on a chair, on the window, etc.).

Explain that you will be like the wise men and follow the stars to find and answer questions from the lesson. Lead the class as a group to look for each star, asking the review question on each one. When it is answered correctly, look for the next star.

After all the review questions are answered, direct the students to find the large star and ask the last question:

How did the shepherds and the wise men feel when they found Jesus, the Savior and King? What were they filled with? Joy!

Allow students to open the gift-wrapped box and share the treats/prizes.

Christmas Star Game Questions Download PDF

ABC 2017 Christmas Lessons (Excerpt)

This Christmas season, learn how God promised to send a Savior, how God prepared for Jesus’ birth, and how Jesus’ coming brings joy.

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