Psalm 119:105 Maze

on August 30, 2017

Incredible Impact

Welcome back, Explorers!

We hope you had an awesome time at Operation Arctic today! Our animal pal, Snowball the Arctic hare, reminds us that just like Arctic hares can change colors, God uses His Word to change us, too. If we are part of God’s family, His Holy Spirit is working inside us to help us become more and more like His Son, Jesus! A man named Paul heard the Word of God and God changed him (Acts 9)! Paul was mean to those who loved Jesus; he persecuted (badly hurt) Christians. On his way to Damascus, he saw a bright light and suddenly couldn’t see. He fell to the ground and heard a voice from heaven. The voice was Jesus asking Paul why he was persecuting Him. God changed Paul so that he became a follower of God. Paul began to tell many people about Jesus. The people were amazed at the change in Paul as he was no longer persecuting Christians. Just like Paul was changed, God promises to change His children so we act more like Jesus. The Bible is an important part of that change. God uses His Word to show us where we need to change. It has incredible impact! The Bible has had an incredible impact on the people of earth—it has the power to change lives!

Complete the maze, picking up the letters as you go. Place the letters in order as you come to them and put them in the blanks below to complete today’s memory verse.

Psalm 119:105 maze
Thy is a lamp unto my and a unto my .
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