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What Did Jesus Say About the Scriptures?

Week Two

on June 12, 2017

Download this devotional to check your answers (see below).

Read Luke 24:24–27, 44–48.

Day One

Q. What did Jesus believe about Genesis?

Read Matthew 24:37–39 and Mark 10:3–9.



Day Two

Q. What did Jesus believe about who wrote Genesis?

Read Matthew 19:4–5 and Genesis 2:21–24.



Day Three

Q. How did Jesus respond when Satan tempted Him?

Read Matthew 4:1–11.



Day Four

Q. What did Jesus say about changing the Scriptures?

Read Matthew 5:17–18.



Day Five

Q. Why did Jesus do all that He did?

Read Matthew 26:24, 53–56.


Operation Arctic: Exploring God's Word, Week Two Download PDF