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Final Step—The Ultimate Challenge

Excerpt from Operation Arctic Junior Teacher Guide

on March 12, 2017

Now that you have all the blanks filled in (see below), you can figure out the ultimate explorer challenge. Let’s see if you can place the corresponding letter with the correct number to spell out the ultimate explorer challenge.

The ultimate explorer challenge is to learn the Bible, love the Bible, and live the Bible. As you learn it by reading and studying it, remember to pray and ask God to give you a love for His Word, too. If you’re learning it, but it’s just in your head and you don’t really care about it, that won’t change you. So don’t forget to ask God to give you a love for the Bible.

And finally, ask Him to help you live it—obey it. One way to show love for God and His Word is to obey it. Obedience to God’s Word brings spiritual blessings. Disobedience brings consequences. Obey God’s Word!

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