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Family Devotion Time: In the Land of the Dinosaur

on May 1, 2017

We don’t have a special magnifying glass that can take us back to see God’s creation in person. But we have something better!

We have an account from God Himself—the Bible. God was there, and we can trust everything He says.

With the help of the Bible, we can figure out many important things about our world. For example, dinosaurs. Fossils give us exciting clues, but they don’t tell us everything. They don’t say when dinosaurs lived or exactly how they died.

Here’s the Deal

God’s Word is essential for us to understand our world, including dinosaurs.

For the big picture, we need the Bible. The Bible gives us basic information we can’t find anywhere else.

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, tells us that God made every kind of “beast of the earth” on Day Six of Creation Week. That includes dinosaurs! God also made the first people on that day.

Many years later, God sent a Flood to destroy all the beasts on earth. That explains why we find so many piles of bones from dinosaurs buried by water.

So any time we read about dinosaurs, we can know where they came from. Anyone who says differently is just wrong. They weren’t there, and they didn’t see what happened. But God was there!

The most important thing in our lives is to trust God’s written Word. He tells us basic things to help us understand our world. More important, He tells us how to live with Him forever (John 3:16).

Talk It Over

The Bible says God created every kind of land animal on the same day He created Adam and Eve. Does that mean dinosaurs lived with people?

The Bible says God sent a Flood to destroy all air-breathing animals on land. Did this include dinosaurs?

Buddy Davis

Hey, kids!

I’ve never seen a live dinosaur. But I still know where they came from. How? Because God’s Word gives us the history of all living things!

—Buddy Davis

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