Family Devotion Time: This Is Your Family

on July 1, 2019

God saved the best for last. After he created stars, the moon, and animals, he made the first human out of the dust of the earth. But there’s so much more to us than just dirt. According to the Bible, God made us—the human race—in his image (Genesis 1:26–27, 9:6).

And that means we’re very unique.

Here’s the Deal

Every human is made in the image of God. That means we’re all incredibly valuable!

Although we’re all sinful and disobey our Creator (Romans 3:23, 5:12), we still have the ability to think and make choices. Unlike animals, we have a conscience to tell us right from wrong. And—most importantly—we can repent and receive forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ (Romans 3:24).

That means we’re very different from anything else God made. We’re the very top of all his creations. No matter our physical or mental challenges, no matter our age, no matter the shade of our skin—nothing can change the fact that we’re all made in the image of God. From the tiniest baby in a mother’s belly to the oldest great-grandparent, we’re all incredibly valuable because of that.

In fact, God the Father loved us so much that he sent our Creator, Jesus, on a mission to save us. Jesus obeyed his Father and put on a human body and died for us on the cross (John 3:16). He died and rose to life so that the image of God could be renewed in us. Sin corrupts us, but faith in Jesus restores us (Romans 8:28–30)!

Talk It Over

  • If every human is made in God’s image, and we’re all one big family, how should that impact the way you treat others?
  • What does God’s Word, the Bible, say about when life begins? Here are some verses to think through: Psalm 139:13; Isaiah 44:2, 24; Jeremiah 1:5; Galatians 1:15.
Buddy Davis

Hey Kids!

Buddy Davis here. Every person in the whole wide world is valuable because each person is made in God’s image!

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