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Family Devotion Time: Extreme Plants

on May 1, 2018

God created plants to be a buffet of brilliant beauty. In other words, they’re food for hungry humans and animals (Genesis 1:30). But our Creator didn’t stop at simply making food factories. He designed a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering assortment of delicious fruits, edible greens, and colorful vegetables. Because of the Fall (Genesis 3), not all plants are good for eating anymore. But that doesn’t stop them from amazing us in a million ways.

Here’s a more important message they send. Jesus pointed to some incredibly designed plants—the lilies of the field—and told us not to miss something much more important that God made them for. Though flowers are here today and wither away tomorrow, God cares for them. But he cares way more for us (Matthew 6:30).

Here’s the Deal

God took delight in making and caring for all those incredible plants. But He takes much more delight in you!

When you look at lovely little lilies, they should remind you that our heavenly Father loves you. He knows everything about you—from the cowlicks on your head to the calluses on your feet (Luke 12:7). And he loves all of his children with an unbending, unbreakable love (Romans 8:39). Nothing else can even come close to his super-sized love. (Think about how much you love chocolate candy. That love would be like spinach compared to his love.)

You are worth more than flowers, birds, insects, and everything else to God who made you. That’s why he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to save us, even at the cost of his death. We need to admit how terrible our wrongs are and receive him as our Savior.

Talk It Over

  • If God made everything “very good,” why are some plants now poisonous and carnivorous? (Look at Genesis 3 if you need a hint.)
  • What did Jesus tell us about the plants of the field? (See Matthew 6:30.)
  • How can beautiful flowers and other amazing plants help you talk to your friends about Jesus?
Buddy Davis

Hey Kids!

Buddy Davis here. I’ve traveled all around the world and seen some extraordinary plants. Every one of them reminds me of how much God loves us!

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