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The Bible Tells the Truth About Astronomy

Week Three

on July 3, 2017

Download this devotional to check your answers (see below).

Read Job 9:1–10.

Day One

Q. Which came first—the sun or the earth?

Read Genesis 1:1–19.



Day Two

Q. How long did God take to create the sun, moon, stars, and other planets?

Read Genesis 1:14–19.



Day Three

Q. Whom do the heavens belong to?

Read Deuteronomy 10:14.



Day Four

Q. What declares the glory of God and proclaims the work of His hands?

Read Psalm 19:1.



Day Five

Q. How did God make the heavens?

Read Psalm 33:6.


Operation Arctic: Exploring God's Word, Week Six Download PDF