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Bible Study Tip 5—Pay Close Attention

Excerpt from Operation Arctic Junior Teacher Guide

on March 10, 2017

Arctic explorers have to pay close attention to the shifting and cracking ice. Remember that under the ice is freezing cold water! If they aren’t careful, they can go under!

As a Bible explorer, you need to pay close attention, too. You need to choose somewhere in the Bible to read and then do it, paying attention as you do. There are many places in God’s Word that make good places to start.

  • Start at the beginning with the book of Genesis, and read a chapter each day.
  • Start in the New Testament with the book of Matthew or the book of John, and read a chapter each day.
  • Pick a particular word you’re interested in learning more about and read all the verses about it. For instance, perhaps you’re interested in prayer. Check your Bible for something called a concordance. Most Bibles have them. Or check online. Look up the word prayer, and start reading a few verses each day about prayer.
  • Choose a Bible study such as Exploring God’s Word and use it daily.

As you can see, there are many different ways to start reading God’s Word. Pick one and begin, paying close attention as you read.

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