Bible Study Tip 1—Check Your Attitude

Excerpt from Operation Arctic Junior Teacher Guide

on March 5, 2017

Any Arctic explorer has to think exploring the Arctic is exciting! He has to check his attitude and make sure his heart is really in it or he’ll never do it!

Well, the most important tip regarding exploring the Bible is checking your attitude about it. If you’re a child of God, you should want to know more about God by reading His Word. Remember, it’s got the good news of how we can become a child of God!

Let’s take a minute to think about how you feel about reading or listening to the Bible. Do you think it’s exciting to explore? Or would you rather do just about anything else?

Bible Attitude Poster

Think to yourself about where you would fall between 1 and 10. If you’re honest with yourself, you may fall far short of loving the Bible. And guess what? If we asked everyone here, many may say the same thing! Many people don’t read the Bible regularly. And many people read it because they should but not because they want to. So how do we get from a should to a want to?

Let’s meet someone from the pages of the Bible who wanted to spend time with Jesus, soaking in His every word, and then we’ll go over some tips on growing in our love for God and His Word. Read Luke 10:38–42.

Martha was busy helping and doing good things, which is great. God wants us to be helping others. But Jesus shows us in the lesson that it’s even more important to spend time with Him. In this account, Mary has the right heart attitude. She wants to spend time with Jesus.

God wants us to spend time every day learning from the Bible and talking to Him, just as Mary did.

Mary and Martha

So you have heard the first tip—check your heart attitude. As you work through the rest of the tips, you’ll be trying to solve a puzzle.

Learn it! Love it! Live it! Tips

Tip 1: Check your 3 8 .
Tip 2: Remember God's Word is a 12 16 .
Tip 3: 1 first.
Tip 4: Find a 14 and 5 first.
Tip 5: Pay close 7 17 10 .
Tip 6: Remember 2 18 .
Is there . . .
. . . an EX 11 to follow?
. . . a P 4 to claim?
. . . a L 15 to learn?
. . . an O 9 (sin) to confess?
. . . a R 6 to obey?
. . . an E to 13 ?

The Ultimate Challenge

2 6 16 1 9 3 17 ! 14 18 13 15 5 12 ! 11 10 13 8 4 7 !
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