Trace Fossil Ornament

on June 15, 2016


  • Air-dry modeling compound, ½ oz. per child
  • Small plastic novelty fish or animal, one per child
  • Large paper clip, one per child

Tools and Basic Supplies

  • Zippered baggies


  1. Divide the modeling compound into ½ oz. pieces.
  2. Place a piece of modeling compound, a plastic novelty fish or animal, and a paper clip into a zippered baggie for each child. Be sure the baggies are sealed tightly so the modeling compound doesn't dry out! You may want to even double bag by putting the small baggies into a bigger baggie or air-tight container.

Class Time Directions

  1. Roll the modeling compound into a ball, then flatten to the size of a cookie.
  2. Press the plastic fish or animal into the modeling compound, then remove carefully. If you’re not pleased with the impression, simply roll the modeling compound into a ball and start over.
  3. Open the paper clip to make a hanger and then poke one end through the modeling compound near the top.

Tip Corner

  • Air-dry clay can be used instead of modeling compound.
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