Shining Star Ornament

on January 28, 2019


  • Star pattern (download below)
  • Red, green, or yellow chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) cut into 2-inch pieces
  • Wax paper
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Red, green, or gold glitter
  • Red, green, or yellow yarn or narrow ribbon cut into 6-inch strands
  • Optional: paper plates and plastic baggies


NOTE: Use wire cutters to prepare the 2-inch chenille pieces before class. Bring the cutters to class for trimming the pieces if necessary.

Print one star pattern for each student. Pass out one sheet of wax paper (about 10”) to each student to lay over the pattern so they can see the lines underneath. Use tape to hold the wax paper in place.

Have students glue along the lines of the pattern and place chenille sticks over the glue. When all the pieces are in place, have students squeeze glue over each joint where two or more pieces come together. Shake on glitter and allow to dry.

Ideally, the glue should dry for 24 hours before removing the star from the wax paper. Gently slide the wax paper with the star onto a paper plate for students to take home. Give each student a strand of ribbon in a plastic baggie to tie onto their star when it’s dry.

Suggested Discussion

We talked about several Christmas decorations that actually came from the Bible. What did we learn about a star?

God showed a special star to the wise men so they would know the King of kings was born. They didn’t ignore the sign from God.

What did they do when they saw the star? They followed it to find Jesus.

God led the wise men to Jesus where they worshipped and gave gifts to honor the Savior and King. What are some things you can do this Christmas to worship and honor Jesus? Allow discussion (e.g., take time to pray, do something nice for someone, sing praises to God, read/listen to Bible reading, go to church).

So when you hang up your star ornament, think about how you can worship and honor Jesus this Christmas.

Shining Star Ornament Download PDF

ABC 2018 Christmas Lessons (Excerpt)

The Old Testament points to the coming of Jesus. The beginning of the New Testament records that he came. And the rest of the New Testament points to his coming again.

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