Seashell Cross: Toddlers

on May 27, 2016


  • White poster board, one 22x28-in. piece for every 15 children
  • ½-in. adhesive magnetic strips, one 2-in. piece per child
  • Seashell stickers, 5–10 per child
  • Large Cross pattern

Tools and Basic Supplies

  • Scissors
  • Colored markers, highlighters, or crayons
Seashell Cross


  1. Use the large seashell cross pattern to create a tracing template.
  2. Trace crosses onto poster board and then cut out.
  3. Cut the magnetic strips into 2-in. lengths, one per child.

Teaching Tie-In

Show the sample craft and say: We’re making a Seashell Cross today. Every time you see a cross, it should remind you that Someone loves you more than anyone in the whole world. Do you know who that Someone is? Yes! It’s the Lord Jesus Christ! He loves you so, so much!

Class Time Directions

  1. Use markers, highlighters, or crayons to color the front of the cross.
  2. Apply seashell stickers as desired.
  3. Remove paper backing from the magnetic strip and apply it to the back of the cross.

Tip Corner

  • You can probably get 18 or more crosses from a piece of poster board if you position them strategically.
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