Resurrection Role Play Script

Answers Bible Curriculum Easter Lessons

on March 19, 2018

This script is to be used as part of the lesson but may also be used again as an optional hands-on activity, allowing other students to take turns acting out the roles.

  • Reference: Matthew 28, Mark 16
  • Roles: The Angel, Guards, Jesus, and the Women: Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. (Since Scripture mentions several women, you may add more girls for a larger class.)
  • Costumes: robes, belts, head scarves for girls, toy swords for guards, etc.
  • Props: one large, open box laid on its side for the tomb, large cushion or beanbag chair for the stone, containers for sweet spices carried by women, etc.

Have an assistant help the students with costumes and props. Direct students to act out and repeat lines as you read the following script.

Begin with Guards standing at attention near the tomb area and the Women on the opposite side of the room. Have the Angel and Jesus stand to the side.

Teacher: On the morning after the Sabbath day, Mary Magdalene and another woman, also named Mary, walked to the tomb. Have Women begin walking toward the tomb (about halfway across the room). On the way to the tomb, the women were wondering how they would roll the huge stone out of the way so they could go in and put their sweet spices on Jesus’ body.

Mary Magdalene: Who will roll the stone away for us?

Mary: I don’t know. It’s so big.

Teacher: Meanwhile at the tomb, there was a great earthquake. Guards move back and forth as in an earthquake. Then an angel came down from heaven. And he rolled the large stone out of the doorway of the tomb and sat on it. Enter Angel, move stone prop and sit on it (or on a chair). The angel’s clothes were white like snow, and he looked as bright as a flash of lightning.

Guards: (shout) Who’s that? What’s going on? Who are you?

Teacher: The guards were so frightened when the angel came, they began to tremble and became like dead men, which means they fainted or just couldn’t move because they were so scared. Guards tremble then fall down.
When the women got to the tomb, they saw that the stone was already moved out of the way. And there on top of the stone sat an angel looking down at them. This frightened the women, but the angel spoke to them. The Women come to the tomb and look around, acting frightened.

Angel: Do not be afraid. Jesus is not here. He has risen!

Teacher: The tomb was wide open, so the women could see that Jesus wasn’t in there anymore. He really had risen from the dead! Women look into the tomb. Then the angel told the women to go and tell the disciples all about what they had seen that morning. So off they ran with great joy and fear. Women start to run, acting joyful. Suddenly, a man met them along the way and spoke to them. It was Jesus!

Jesus: Steps into the path. Greetings!

Teacher: The women fell down and worshipped Jesus. Have Women kneel down. Jesus gave them instructions.

Jesus: Go tell the others to meet me in Galilee.

Teacher: The women ran off to give Jesus’ message to the disciples. They were so afraid but excited at the same time! It was true; Jesus was alive again!

Have class applaud and actors take their seats, then continue with the lesson.

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