Pom-Pom Paint Craft

on March 13, 2018


Pom-Pom Craft
  • Craft foam sheets in various colors
  • Washable paints (not watercolor) in various colors
  • Pom-poms (1½-inch) several for each paint color
  • Clothespins for each pom-pom
  • Foam plates
  • Painter’s tape (1-inch wide)
  • Markers
  • Hole punch
  • Narrow ribbon or yarn
  • Optional: glue and glitter


Pour several colors of paint onto foam plates and set on tables for students to share. Pinch each pom-pom with a clothespin to use in place of paintbrushes.

Pass out one foam sheet to each student. Have students apply one strip of painter’s tape across the top about two inches from the top edge, leaving a small space at right and left sides. This will be the crossbeam of their finished cross. Next, have students apply a longer strip vertically, crossing over the first piece of tape to create a cross on their sheet. Have students rub the tape down so it is secure around the edges.

Direct students to hold the pom-pom with the clothespin and dab the top of it into the paint. Make large dots by pushing straight down on the pom-pom. Encourage the students to create their own design all around the cross. It’s okay to get paint on the tape; it will be peeled off later.

Allow paint to dry and then gently peel the tape from the foam, leaving a cross in the middle of the design. Have students write, “Jesus died for me!” on their cross. Punch two holes at the top and tie ribbon or yarn through to make a hanger.

Optional: Have students add a small amount of glue around the edge, around the cross, or on several dots; and add glitter. Send home on a foam plate to allow glue to dry.

Note: You may want to wash out the pom-poms and let them dry to be used again.

Suggested Discussion

The Cross is more than a religious symbol or decoration. It shows how much Jesus loves us! He was willing to be crucified on a cross when he didn’t deserve to die. He was perfect, but he chose to give his life to pay the punishment we deserve for our sins. Because of Jesus’ death and Resurrection, we can come directly to God and ask forgiveness for our sins. When we are truly sorry and trust in Jesus to save us, God forgives us and makes us his child.

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