Mud Hut Missions Bank

Day Three Craft: Junior, Primary, and Pre-Primary

on August 1, 2019
Mud Hut Bank


  • 8 oz. round, plastic deli containers with lids, 1 per child
  • Light brown kraft roll paper, one 1 x 14-in. strip per child
  • Brown card stock, 1 sheets per child
  • 9 x 12-in. black construction paper, approximately 1 sheet for every 84 children
  • White copy paper, 1 sheet for every 39 children
  • Roof Cone Pattern (download below)
  • Thatch Triangles Pattern (download below)
  • Verse Pattern (download below)

Tools and Basic Supplies

  • Scissors
  • 1/4-in. hole punch
  • Glue sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Transparent tape


  1. Photocopy the Roof Cone Pattern onto brown card stock, one sheet for every 2 children.
  2. Photocopy the Thatch Triangles Pattern onto brown card stock, one sheet per child.
  3. Photocopy the Verse Pattern onto white copy paper. Then cut out the verses, one per child.
  4. Cut the brown kraft roll paper into 1 x 14-in. strips, one per child.
  5. Use a paper cutter to cut the black construction paper into 1 x 1-in. rectangles, one per child.
  6. Use a 1/4-in. hole punch to punch two holes, about 1 inches apart, just below the rim of the deli container. Then use scissors to cut away the plastic between the 2 holes, creating a narrow coin slot.

Teaching Tie-In

Hold up the sample craft and say:

Today, we’re traveling to Africa. People in Africa live in many different types of homes, from ultra modern high rises in certain cities to mud huts like this one. Many people living in rural areas of Africa live in mud huts, which are made of clay bricks and a thatched roof. They last a year or two, depending on how bad the rainy season is, and then they wash away and a new one will need to be built. Most people living in mud huts make very little money. Many of them also don’t know about Jesus. All people, no matter where we live or what our houses look like, need Jesus. Let’s read our verse together that will be on the back of our banks. Do so. What do you think it means? Take responses.

Let’s make our Mud Hut Missions Bank to collect money that we can use to help others learn about Jesus. What are some ways the money can be used to help others learn about Jesus? Take responses.

Class Time Directions

  1. Crumple the long strip of brown paper into a ball. To soften the paper and create lots of creases, continue to press on it and roll it around in your hands awhile. Then, uncrumple the paper carefully, so it doesn’t tear, and smooth it out.
  2. Apply glue stick liberally to the strip of brown paper. Then wrap it around the outside of the deli container.
  3. Use scissors to open the coin slot by pushing the brown paper through the slot. Then fold the paper flap down and glue stick it to the inside of the container.
  4. Glue stick the Bible verse onto the side of the hut just below the coin slot.
  5. On the side opposite the coin slot, glue a black rectangle onto the brown paper to resemble a doorway.
  6. Press the lid onto the container.
  7. Cut out the large brown circle. Make a roof cone by overlapping the edges to the line on the pattern and taping the seam to secure it. Then place the cone upside-down on top of the plastic lid. The edge of the cone should fit inside the rim of the lid.
  8. Cut out the thatch triangles.
  9. To “thatch” the roof, apply a generous amount of craft glue (NOT glue stick) to the top half of the upside-down cone starting at the point. Then, take the first 4 thatch triangles and press them (one at a time) into the glue directly over the 4 small triangles printed on the cone. The points of the thatch triangles should line up with the point of the cone.
  10. Adust the first 4 triangles as necessary so they are evenly spaced.
  11. Take the remaining 4 thatch triangles, add some craft glue (NOT glue stick) to each one, and then press them over the areas between the first 4 triangles.
  12. If necessary, adjust the triangles so there are no gaps between them.

Tip Corner

  • For the younger kids, or to save time, pre-cut the thatch triangles and pre-prep the roof cone.

Super Simple Idea

Try one of the following Oriental Trading Company craft kits. (Call 1-800-875-8480 or visit Note that these are available at the time of printing and may not be available later.

  • Jesus and the Children Mobile Craft Kit (Item Number: 13742630)—Manufacturer does not recommend for children under 3 years of age.
  • Compass Paracord Bracelet Craft Kit (Item Number: 13642103)—Manufacturer does not recommend for children under 3 years of age.
Mud Hut Missions Bank Download PDF
Mud Hut Missions Bank Pattern Download PDF

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