Mini Globe

Day Two Craft: Junior, Primary, and Pre-Primary

on August 1, 2019
Mini Globe


  • 7-in. black coffee straws, 1 for every 5 children
  • 3mm (slim) white chenille stems, 1 for every 3 children
  • White card stock, 1 sheet for every 40 children
  • Verse Pattern (Download below)
  • 9 x 12-in. green craft foam, 1 sheet for every 23 children
  • Blue card stock, 1 sheet for every 16 children
  • Air dry modeling compound, approx. one 4 oz. pouch for every 14 children
  • Mini (-in.) suction cups (See ULINE S-17646), 1 per child
  • Glue dots, 6 per child

Tools and Basic Supplies

  • Office paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Blue washable markers
  • Green washable markers
  • Plastic wrap
  • Zippered baggies


  1. Cut the coffee straws into 1-in. pieces, one piece per child.
  2. Cut the chenille stems into 4-in. pieces, one per child.
  3. Photocopy the Verse Pattern onto white card stock, then cut out one verse for each child.
  4. Cut the green craft foam into 1 x 2-in. pieces, one per child.
  5. Cut the blue card stock into 2 x 2-in. pieces, one per child.
  6. Open the package of modeling compound and divide it into pieces that will roll into approximately 1-in. diameter balls. Then wrap each piece with plastic wrap and place into zippered baggies, one per child.*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Because modeling compound dries quickly when exposed to the air, don’t pre-prep it until just before class begins.

Teaching Tie-In

Show the sample craft and say:

Let’s read our verse together that’s going on our mini globes. Do so. When the people sinned at Babel, God lovingly put a roadblock in their way to keep them from rebelling against him even more. He confused their language, and they scattered all over the globe. They would have moved to places near Babel at first. Then, over time, groups would have continued to move farther and farther away, until eventually, they were all over the earth, just as God had originally commanded them to be. The people had more and more children, also as God had commanded, and filled the earth. We now have over seven billion people on the earth!

Class Time Directions

  1. Take the piece of coffee straw and press it into the hole on the top of the suction cup.
  2. Wrap one end of the chenille stem around the top of the suction cup.
  3. Roll the piece of modeling compound into a ball. Then carefully press it onto the coffee straw.
  4. Color your ball so that it looks like a globe. Remember, there should be more water than land, so start with a green marker and color a few areas of land. Then fill in the remaining areas with a blue marker.
  5. Bend the chenille stem up and around the globe. Then tuck the end of the stem down into the top of the coffee straw. Adjust it as necessary so that the curve of the chenille stem follows the curve of the globe.
  6. Apply four glue dots to the back of the green foam. Then press it onto the blue card stock rectangle so that it is centered with an even blue border all the way around.
  7. Apply two glue dots to the back of the memory verse. Then press it into place near the bottom of the green foam.
  8. To display your mini globe, place it on the green foam base behind the memory verse.

Tip Corner

  • Send the mini globes home in small lunch sacks.

Super Simple Idea

Try one of the following Oriental Trading Company craft kits. (Call 1-800-875-8480 or visit Note that these are available at the time of printing and may not be available later.

  • Color Your Own World Map (Item Number: 13718240)—Manufacturer recommends for children second grade and above.
  • Camel Clothespin Craft Kit (Item Number: 13649595)—Manufacturer does not recommend for children under three years of age.
Mini Globe Download PDF
Mini Globe Pattern Download PDF

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