Hope Wreath Ornament

on December 19, 2017


  • Hope Circle cards (download below) printed on colored card stock
  • Wide-mouth canning jar lids (not rings)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Green, red, and white ¾-inch pom-poms
  • Narrow ribbon cut in 8-inch lengths
  • Optional: small Christmas decorations (i.e., berries, beads, holly leaves, mini pinecones, etc.)


Print the Hope Circle cards on colored card stock and cut out one card for each student. Have students trim around their circle and glue it onto the jar lid.

Next, make a loop with the ribbon and glue the two ends together at the top edge on the front of the lid (the ribbon ends won’t show). Lay the loop out of the way.

Decorate around the edges of the lid with pom-poms to look like a wreath. Add other small decorations if available. Allow to dry.


What is the message on these wreath ornaments? Jesus is our hope!

When you hang up your ornament at home, think about what we learned in our lesson today. God is eternal, so he has always known that Jesus would be the Savior who would come to earth, live a perfect life, then die on the Cross to take the punishment for our sin!

God first told his plan to Adam and Eve way back in Genesis and continued to pass this promise of hope down through thousands of years. Those who are God’s children and have put their trust in Jesus have the hope of living with him in heaven forever. That is a great gift!

Hope Wreath Ornament Download PDF

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