Baby Snowy Owl

on December 1, 2017


Baby Snowy Owl
  • Small pinecones, 1 per child
  • Black spray paint, amount varies
  • White eyelash or fur yarn, amount varies*
  • White round (1/4-in. center) reinforcement labels, 2 per child
  • Black construction paper, one 9 x 12-in. sheet for every 54 children
  • Glue dots, 3 per child

*Amount needed depends on the size of the pinecones and the furriness of your yarn. It could range from as little as 1 ft. per child to as much as 6 ft. per child.

Tools and Basic Supplies

  • Office paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Yellow highlighters, crayons, or markers


  • Spray paint the pinecones black.
  • Determine how much yarn is needed to fill one of your pinecones. Then cut the yarn into pieces of adequate length for each child.
  • Cut the black construction paper into 1 x 2-in. pieces, 1 per child.

Class Time Directions

  • Slowly and carefully weave the yarn around the pinecone between the scales. Fill all the nooks and crannies as best you can from top to bottom.
  • Press the two round white reinforcement labels onto the piece of black construction paper. Then color the labels yellow and cut them out, leaving a thin black border around each circle. These will be the eyes for the owl.
  • With the black construction paper that remains, cut out a long triangle shape for the beak of the owl.
  • Use glue dots to attach each eye to a protruding scale. Then add the beak just below the eyes, also attaching it to a scale with a glue dot.

Tip Corner

  1. Snowy owl not sitting straight? Use an upside down plastic jug cap (milk or orange juice) as a base for the owl to sit upon.
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