Ready, Set, Go: Before Babel (Pre-Primary)

on August 1, 2019

Hello, racers! We hope you had an amazing time during the first day of The Incredible Race as we traveled to South America! Our race started at the beginning when God created everything, and then we learned how sin came into the world. Sin is when we don’t obey God. Adam and Eve, the first people, sinned when they ate the fruit God told them not to eat. Then came their sons, Cain and Abel. Cain got angry and killed his brother! Then came the time of Noah and the great flood. Everyone was sinning all the time, except for Noah, who found grace from the Lord and was saved on the ark, along with his family and some animals. Lastly, we learned about the tower of Babel. The people built a tall tower to the sky to help them stay together after God had told them to live all over the world. From the very first people all the way to us, everyone sins. We all need a Savior from sin, Jesus Christ.

As the race starts, we explore the beginning of the human race and why nobody has run a perfect race through life.

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