Hitting a Roadblock at Babel (Pre-Primary)

on August 1, 2019

Kon’nichiwa, racers! Today at The Incredible Race, we headed to Asia where we learned about a big tower that was built long ago. There are lots of great towers and buildings that have been built all over the world, but this was one tower that shouldn’t have been built, the tower of Babel. God told the people to spread out and fill the earth. But they didn’t listen to God. They started building a tower to reach to the heavens to help them stay together in a place called Shinar. So God confused their language and moved the people all over the earth. Because of what God did way, way back at the tower of Babel, people speak different languages and live in different places around the world today. But we are all part of the same family and all need the same Savior, Jesus Christ!

On this leg of the race, we stop at the tower of Babel and check out the important and loving roadblock God provided there.

Connect the dots to complete the picture reminding us of today’s lesson.

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