Kitty Cats & Favorite Friends


Lesson 98

“Thanks, Emily, for a fun day,” said Jessie as she turned to leave for home. “I sure enjoyed the tea party and jumping rope and playing with our dolls.”

“Me, too, Jessie,” Emily replied. “I’m glad we’re cousins. We can do everything together.”

“Hey! I just thought of something,” exclaimed Jessie. “We can do this again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after.”

Emily smiled. “That sounds great!”

“Okay. See ya tomorrow.” Jessie gave a little wave as she went out the door and walked down the sidewalk to her own house.

All week long the girls played together in the afternoons. Each evening when Jessie came in, her cat, Freckles, greeted her. “Meow,” he said as she walked past him.

Finally, it was Saturday morning. Jessie was startled when she opened her eyes. Freckles was sitting on her pillow staring at her. “Wahh!” Jessie hollered. “Freckles, you scared me!” she said, jumping out of bed.

“Meow!” the cat replied.

“Sorry, Kitty. I don’t have time to pet you now. Emily and I get to spend the whole day together, so I’ve got to hurry.” Jessie got dressed and ran downstairs for breakfast.

“Don’t forget to do your chores this morning, Jessie. Freckles’ litter box needs to be cleaned, and his blanket needs to be washed,” Mom instructed. “Oh, and his water dish is empty. Make sure you wash it and refill it.”

“But, Mom,” Jessie replied, “I wanted to spend the whole day with Emily.”

“Jessie, you’ve been over at Emily’s every day this week.”

“I know, but we have a lot of fun together.”

“Well, that’s good, especially since you’re cousins. But you have things here you need to take care of, like your cat. He misses you.”

Jessie nodded. She knew the litter box was getting stinky and needed to be cleaned. Since Freckles was her cat, that was her job. Jessie raced into the laundry room to grab the blanket out of her kitty’s bed so it could be washed. Then she cleaned the litter box. Freckles walked around Jessie’s legs while she washed out his dishes.

“Mrr-ow,” he squawked.

“Yes, yes, Freckles,” she said. “Here’s your fresh water. Drink up.”

The fat kitty rubbed against Jessie as she set down the clean dishes. “Mew! Mew!”

“I don’t have time to play now,” Jessie said. “I’m on my way to Emily’s.”

Jessie finished the rest of her chores then gathered her jump rope and baby doll. She put the doll in her little stroller and headed to the door. “I’m going to Emily’s now!”

“Your chores are done already?” asked Mom.

“Uh huh,” Jessie replied.

“All right, see you later,” said Mom.

Jessie pushed the cat away from the door so she could leave.

“Meow,” Freckles squeaked.

“See ya, kitty.” Jessie closed the door and hurried down the sidewalk. She didn’t want to miss any time with her favorite cousin.

When she got to Emily’s house, she saw Emily standing by the garage. “Hi, Emily!” Jessie waved.

“Hi, Jessie,” Emily replied. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to play,” Jessie explained. “Remember, we were going to play dolls and stuff again. But we have all day since we don’t have school. It’s Saturday, remember?”

Emily laughed. “I know it’s Saturday, Silly. But didn’t I tell you I’m going to Stacey’s house today?”


“Yeah, she’s a girl in my class at school. She’s got some great games to play, and she even said I could spend the night tonight! I’m so excited,” Emily squealed.

Honk–honk! went the car horn. “I’ve gotta go now. Bye, Jessie!” Emily opened the car door and climbed in. She waved to Jessie as the car pulled away, leaving Jessie standing by herself.

Finally, Jessie turned her doll stroller around and slowly trudged home. By the time she reached her own house, there were tears puddling in her eyes. She entered the house and flopped down on the sofa in the living room.

“Oh, you’re back,” said Mom, coming in with a cup of tea.

Jessie nodded. Her lip quivered. Then tears exploded from her eyes. “Ems—lef—she—all— gone—way!” she sobbed.

“What?! Jessie what happened?” Mom sat next to her daughter and gave her a hug, waiting for the crying to stop. “Now, tell me what’s wrong,” Mom said.

Jessie wiped her face dry with a tissue. “Emily left me,” she sniffed. “She went to Stacey’s house to spend the night. Now I don’t have anyone to play with.”

Mom sat back and sighed. “Oh, I’m sorry about that. But she’ll be back.”

Jessie shook her head. “My whole day is ruined.” She flopped over on the sofa pillows and closed her eyes.

Mom quietly sipped her tea as she gently rubbed Jessie’s back. After a while Jessie heard a familiar sound. It was Freckles.

“Mew, mew,” he said, jumping up to the sofa. The kitty bumped his nose against Jessie’s cheek.

“Hmm,” said Mom. “Looks like you’re not the only one missing a friend.”

Jessie reached out and pulled her kitty close. Purr, purr—the cat sounded like he had a little motor inside. He was so happy to have his favorite friend back.

“Looks like you’re forgiven,” said Mom. “He’s glad you came back.”

Jessie thought for a minute. “I suppose I should forgive Emily for leaving, like Freckles forgave me.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Mom agreed.

“Meow!” said Freckles. He agreed, too.

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