Chipmunks & French Toast


Lesson 82

Jessie peeked out the back of Justin’s van as they drove over the bumpy road toward their campsite.

“Yep,” she said, “My mom and dad are still right behind us.”

“That’s good, ’cause they’ve got the marshmallows!” said Justin.

Jessie laughed. “Yeah, you can’t go camping without toasting marshmallows over the campfire.”

The two vans pulled into the campsite. Justin and Jessie bounded out of the van.

“Wow! The clouds are all pink and orange.”

“What a lovely sunset over the lake,” said Jessie’s mom.

“We better get our things set up before it gets dark,” said Jessie’s dad.

Everyone pitched in to help, and soon they were all enjoying the crackling fire as they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the flames.

“Daddy, what are we doing tomorrow?” Jessie asked.

“We’re staying here in the morning and enjoying a great breakfast and the lake.”

“What’s for breakfast?” asked Justin as he stuffed a toasted marshmallow into his mouth.

“French toast,” his mom replied.

“Yum!” Justin exclaimed. “Then can we go swimming in the lake?”

“That’s the plan.”

“Yay! I never went swimming in a lake before—just in a swimming pool,” said Jessie.

“Well, the lake will definitely be colder,” Jessie’s mom pointed out.

“Then we’ll head to our next stop,” said Justin’s dad.

“Where’s that?” Jessie asked.

“It’s the crazy theme park where there are a gazillion rides to make you dizzy.” Jessie’s dad winked at her.

“Sounds like fun, but we had better get cleaned up and head for bed.” Justin’s dad stood up and stretched.

“Justin, you and Jessie need to put all the food into the box in the back of the van,” explained Justin’s mom.

“Okay, but can I have another marshmallow first, please?”

“Just one more.”

Justin’s mom took Ellie to the tent while Justin and Jessie worked on toasting their last marshmallows.

Jessie’s mom yawned as she stared at the fire.

“I’m getting tired,” she said. “I’m glad I already packed up the dishes for the night. Jessie, you need to finish that marshmallow and get the food put away, okay?”

“Come on, Justin,” said Jessie, “just stuff the whole thing in your mouth.”

Justin stood up, but when he tried to drop the stick he used for his marshmallows, he couldn’t let go.

“Put the stick down, Justin,” said Jessie.

“I can’t! It’s stuck to my fingers,” Justin replied, still chewing his gooey marshmallow.

He shook his hand, and finally the stick dropped.

“I better go wash.”

Justin found the pot of water his mom put out for washing hands.

“Hurry up, Justin, it’s getting dark and spooky out here.”

There wasn’t much light left. Jessie grabbed the leftover hot dog buns and the ketchup and took them to the van to put them away.

“Wait, Jessie, don’t close the van yet.” Justin grabbed the mustard and the bag of marshmallows and hurried over to Jessie. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” said Jessie as she closed the van door. “It’s creepy out here. I’m going to my tent.”

“Okay, see you in the morning for French toast,” said Justin as he stopped to watch his dad douse the fire.

The next morning, Jessie woke up early. She scampered over the rocks in her slippers to the other tent to see if Justin was awake. Justin poked his head out through the tent flap.

“Good morning, Justin,” whispered Jessie.

“Hi,” said Justin as he crawled out of the tent. “I’m starving. I’m so hungry, I could eat a—chipmunk!”

“Huh?” Jessie turned to see a fat, round chipmunk sitting on the table with bread crumbs scattered all around him. His cheeks were puffed up with food, and he was just about to munch on another slice of bread!

“Hey! That’s for our French toast!” the kids yelled.

The startled chipmunk leaped off the table and scurried up the closest tree.

Justin’s dad dashed out of the tent. “What’s wrong, kids?”

Soon all four parents were standing there staring at the mess.

“That was supposed to be our breakfast, not the chipmunk’s,” Jessie’s dad said gloomily.

“I thought you kids put the food away,” said Justin’s mom.

“We did, but it was getting dark,” Justin tried to explain.

“Yeah, and we were trying to hurry, so I guess we missed the bread,” Jessie said sadly.

“Well, I’m afraid I don’t have much else for breakfast. I thought we would stop at a restaurant for lunch, so I didn’t buy extra,” said Justin’s mom.

“That means we’ll have to choose if we stay here and go swimming or pack up now and go get breakfast,” said Jessie’s mom.

Everyone looked at each other with sad faces. Then they heard a strange growling noise—grrrrrr!

Ellie patted her stomach. “My tummy hungry! We go eat!”

Justin laughed. “I guess we can swim when we get to the hotel by the theme park, right?”

“Right!” Justin’s mom agreed.

“Great!” shouted Justin’s dad. “There’s a restaurant not too far from here. Let’s go order some French toast!”

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