Operation Agape



Moses Rao helps with an unusual church-planting ministry in India called Operation Agape. His task is to implement the ministry’s “business as missions” model.

For eight years, Moses has been running a micro-loan company, which has lent money to more than 125,000 families in places that profit-driven businesses avoid.

He employs people in eight cities. Each office holds devotions weekly. Over time, as people have accepted Christ, they have become burdened to start churches. That’s how “business as missions” works.

Moses says providing financial services to people in difficult times is one way to show God’s love and can lead to opportunities to tell about the God who loves them.

Moses’s study of creation apologetics has added a new dimension to his evangelism and the outreach of pastors he helps train.

Everyone in India knows the story of Manu, the world’s first man. Manu is actually a Hindu version of Noah, not Adam, and all humans are said to be descended from him. The myth provides a great starting point for teaching both adults and children about the true creation and Noah’s experience during the Flood.

Government officials often bring up evolution and equate creation with children’s stories. But Moses’s apologetics training helps him respond confidently to their skepticism. He shows how they, too, take a faith position about origins. This makes a great segue into deeper discussion about the gospel.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of creation apologetics has been within the church itself. Through the micro-loan company and other efforts, Operation Agape has spawned thousands of church planters. Moses is beginning to incorporate creation apologetics into the three-day training programs these leaders regularly attend. Leaders will be asked to understand that biblical creation is fundamental to their faith. Please pray for them.

As Moses puts it, “We have always believed that the Bible is true about creation. Now we have better tools to present it.” Since only two percent of Indians are Christian, attacks on biblical creation are not yet common. The opportunity is wide open to spread a literal interpretation of Genesis.

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