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Kingdom Chronicles—The Battle for Truth

on February 26, 2013
Kingdom Chronicles

Who doesn’t love kings, castles, and dragons? The new Vacation Bible School curriculum from Answers in Genesis, Kingdom Chronicles, offers all those props and more. While it’s brimming with moat floats for snacks and catapult crafts for combat, Kingdom Chronicles offers something infinitely more wonderful: no-compromise, life-changing teaching direct from God’s Word.

Young knights and maidens learn about two kingdoms that have been at war since nearly the beginning of time—the Good Kingdom and the Bad Kingdom:

Good Kingdom Bad Kingdom
Ruled by God Ruled by Satan
Based on Truth Based on Lies
For Us Against Us
Promises Kept Promises Broken
Kingdom of Light Kingdom of Darkness

The lessons do not beat around the bush—kids discover that they already belong to one kingdom or the other. Those who do not belong to the Lord Jesus, who came to earth to rescue us, are citizens of the Bad Kingdom. But by His grace we can enter through the narrow gate and gain citizenship in the Good Kingdom! Children hear a simple but powerful gospel presentation throughout the series.

Because a deadly battle rages, citizens of the Good Kingdom must prepare to fight. All good knights wear armor. Many of the lessons delve into teaching about the armor of God, and children are encouraged to memorize all of Ephesians 6:10–18 by week’s end. They learn that Satan uses “D-darts”—doubt, discouragement, doing wrong, deception, division—to get us to mess up or give up, and Satan’s ultimate goal is destruction. He attacks with these weapons, but with the Word of God, Christians can deflect them.

Kingdom Chronicles

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As always, apologetics is woven into this latest release of AiG’s VBS curriculum. Teachers test kids with an ongoing game of Truth or Error. In this board game, the teacher reads a card aloud, and the students say whether it is Truth or Error. For example, one card reads, “Archaeologists have proven that many cities and civilizations mentioned in the Bible are not real.” An explanation follows: “The opposite is true—archaeological discoveries over the centuries continually confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible. See for more information.” The topics range from moral absolutes to claims about science, history, and worldview. With this practice in biblical thinking, children will learn how to discern truth in a memorable way.

The battle for hearts and minds is very real, and young people will face many attacks as they mature. Kingdom Chronicles shares the gospel clearly and powerfully, warns children of the enemy, and equips them with critical truths from God’s Word so they can stand strong against the enemy.

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