Life in the Great Ice Age, Lesson 5

Chapter 4

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These lessons are geared for younger students. Many lessons will, however, have activities for the older student.


These lessons are geared for younger students. Many lessons will, however, have activities for the older student. Parents/teachers will easily find answers to questions in the text, and should prepare themselves by reading the stated pages prior to having the student read the weekly assignment. If a child is not able to read yet, this is still a good book, and parents/teachers may read to the student. We have testimonies from parents of children as young as four years old who have enjoyed listening to the story in this book. There is truth to be learned from this story and that is the purpose of these lessons.

Further, we realize that while we suggest a certain number of pages for each lesson, children may want to hear the entire story and not wait for the six weeks it will take to get through the first set of lessons. It is okay to read the entire story to the children (Chapters 1–5). Rereading those pages as you and your children work through the lessons will only reinforce the truths contained in the book.


Pages 32–39 (Chapter 4)

Scripture reading:

No specific reading this week.

Questions to answer:

  1. How did the families prepare for winter?
  2. What was Jabeth’s idea on how to round up the mammoths?
  3. What were the drawbacks of Jabeth’s idea? What were the benefits?
  4. List two reasons why the men drew pictures on the cave walls. 
  5. What did the “artists” use for paintbrushes?
  6. The tribe used all parts of the mammoths that they hunted and killed. How did they use the bones? The tusks? The skins?

Words to know:

  • woolly mammoth
  • bogs
  • firebreak
  • ocher


  • Have students gather materials similar to the ones Soren used for paintbrushes in this chapter and use them to “draw” a picture. Food coloring mixed with water can be used for “paint.” What other types of “paint” could you use?
  • Extra reading for teachers and older students: The Great Mammoth Mystery … Solved! (Parents/teachers should decide whether the audio lessons are age appropriate for their students.)
  • Read a fascinating article on the existence of woolly mammoths today!
  • For older students: Write a paper discussing the various ways rocks have been made into tools. Your paper should address which rock types can be used and how, the process of “melting down” rocks, the temperatures needed to do so, etc.


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