Exploring Planet Earth, Lesson 8

The mysterious valley/The atmosphere

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This series is geared toward middle students. The lessons in the book contain questions for each chapter.


These lessons are geared for middle students. The lessons in the book contain questions for each chapter. We will point to articles on our website which go along with those lessons. We will also supply Scripture as often as possible to go along with the lesson. Parents should start with the Scripture lesson. It is important that parents prepare themselves by reading the stated pages prior to having the student read the weekly assignment. If a child is not able to read yet, parents may wish to read the text to the student.


  • Pages 110–125


  • Genesis 1:11, 12, 21, 24, 25
  • Job 38:22
  • Eccles. 1:7


Robert Boyle’s scientific experiments are discussed in the lesson. Pick just one of his experiments. Go to your local library and find out more about how that experiment has changed science. For example, find out more about his development of the air pump and how that influenced scientists to find out more about air pressure, or what discoveries were made after Boyle concerning the speed of sound.

Younger students could make a chart listing the several uses of the air pump listed in the lesson and then write a brief description of how that applies to our lives today.

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