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The Astronomy Book, Lesson 7

Space exploration

by Dr. Jonathan Henry on January 1, 2002

These lessons are geared for younger students. Many lessons will, however, include activities for the older student.


The Astronomy Book

The Astronomy Book

by Dr. Jonathan Henry

The second book in the highly successful “Wonders of Creation” series. The Astronomy Book soars through the solar system! The reader will acquire a wealth of knowledge on subjects such as supernovas, red shift, facts about planets, and much more. Enhanced with dozens of color photos and illustrations including official NASA shots!


These lessons are geared for younger students. Many lessons will, however, include activities for the older student. Parents/teachers will easily find the answers to questions in the text, and should prepare themselves by reading the stated pages prior to having the student read the weekly assignment. If a child is not able to read yet, parents may wish to read the text to the student.


  • Pages 28–35


  • Job 26:7
  • Psalm 19

Questions to answer:

  1. Trace the development of rockets throughout history. (You’ll probably need to check sources other than The Astronomy Book for a more complete overview.)
  2. What problems needed to be overcome in building the first practical rockets?
  3. What do the initials N.A.S.A. stand for?
  4. Who was Wernher von Braun? Write a short research paper on his life and the contributions he made to rocket science. (See also, for example, this article for more information.)
  5. What happened on July 16, 1969? July 20, 1969?
  6. When was the last time someone took a trip to the moon?
  7. What was the “Cold War”? What impact did it have on space programs?
  8. What is Mir?
  9. What is the difference between a manned mission and an unmanned mission? What functions do both serve?

NOTE: The NASA Web site has more information about space exploration. However the contents of the NASA Web site often contain evolutionary-based ideas.

Words to know:

  • Reusable vehicle
  • Space shuttle

Additional articles:


Draw a timeline illustrating the history of space exploration.

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