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The works of Charles Spurgeon have inspired millions of Christians around the world for over a hundred years. His wisdom and insight into God’s Word and world have helped others discover the richness of Scripture. Answers in Genesis is pleased to present the text of a large collection of sermons from this 19th century “Prince of Preachers.”

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    2410. Spring-time In Nature And Grace
    Feb. 8, 2018

    I think, indeed, I am sure that there are many of us who have passed through our spiritual winter. We have also had our spring, we are even coming to our summer, and there are some whose ripe and mellow experience has the peacefulness of autumn about it.

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    2409. A Great Sermon By The Greatest Preacher
    Feb. 7, 2018

    It is from heaven that this voice comes; it is the voice of the Father himself who speaks; and what the voice says is worthy to be treasured in the hearts of us all: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

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    2408. Christ The Cure For Troubled Hearts
    Feb. 6, 2018

    Unbelief is a great troubler. Our peace comes to us by faith; and if our faith grows weak, our peace of mind is apt to decline and we are likely to become much disturbed in spirit. If those who are believers, who have passed from death to life, are sometimes troubled, you may be sure that others are.

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    2407. Feeding On A Whole Christ
    Feb. 5, 2018

    There is no one but Jesus for each one of us; there is no unique way for this man because of his righteous life, and no unique way for that person because of his ungodliness; but for the most moral and the most immoral there is the same Saviour, to be received by the same precious faith.

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    2406. An Appeal To Children Of Godly Parents
    Feb. 2, 2018

    Would you become spiritually wise? Come and hear what the Spirit of God has to say by the mouth of the wise man.

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    2405. Joy, A Duty
    Feb. 1, 2018

    People who are very happy, especially those who are very happy in the Lord, are not apt either to give offence or to take offence.

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    2404. “A People Prepared For The Lord.”
    Jan. 31, 2018

    John was the herald of Christ; he was to prepare the way for the coming King, but from this text it appears that he was to do more than that.

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    2403. The Sweet And The Sweetener
    Jan. 30, 2018

    May God the Holy Spirit help us all sweetly to meditate on him of whom the psalmist speaks here!

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    2402. Under Arrest
    Jan. 29, 2018

    When Christ came to the chosen people, they were in a most miserable condition, and there was no hope for them at all apart from the promised Messiah.

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    2401. The Child Of Light And The Works Of Darkness
    Jan. 26, 2018

    Darkness stands for the powers of evil, as light is the fitting symbol of the holiness of God, and of his infinite goodness and purifying grace.

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    2400. “Escape For Your Life!”
    Jan. 25, 2018

    God has messengers nowadays; and he still sends by them short, sharp, urgent, stimulating messages like this, “Escape for your life.”

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    2399. “Your First Love.”
    Jan. 24, 2018

    Why does God remember and prize so highly the early piety of his people, their first faith, their first love, their first zeal?

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    2398. The Mediation Of Moses
    Jan. 23, 2018

    God in Moses seemed to overcome God out of Moses. God in the Mediator—the Man Christ Jesus—appears to be stronger for mercy than God apart from the Mediator.

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    2397. “Out Of Darkness Into Light.”
    Jan. 22, 2018

    Christ has already accomplished enough to keep his redeemed amazed throughout all eternity with the splendour of the achievements of his grace.

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    2396. Eternal Life!
    Jan. 19, 2018

    The life of the Christian here is the triumphant life that is to be enjoyed hereafter, it is one and the same life so far as its real nature is concerned.

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    2395. The Blessings Of Public Worship
    Jan. 18, 2018

    It is good to go and mix with others, and openly worship God who delights to be worshipped like this.

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    2394. Love’s Climax
    Jan. 17, 2018

    To find love, you need to send a lover; one whose soul is full of love is the most likely to discover it.

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    2393. A Comforting Message For The Closing Year
    Jan. 16, 2018

    though there is no rest to be found in earthly things, yet we may have rest even while here, rest which drops from above.

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    2392. The Birth Of Christ
    Jan. 15, 2018

    ‘Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son.’ It is an unheard-of thing, it is a miraculous thing, and therefore it must be a Godlike thing.

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    2391. The Keeper Of The Vineyard
    Jan. 12, 2018

    God is a wall and a well to his people—a wall to guard them from their adversaries, and a well to supply all their needs out of his overflowing fulness.

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    2390. A Royal Funeral
    Jan. 11, 2018

    The burial was Pilate’s certificate that Christ had not pretended to die, but that it was a real death, and that his body had no life remaining in it.

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    2389. Guidance To Grace And Glory
    Jan. 10, 2018

    David began to experience divine guidance while he was a shepherd, and it was good for him that it was so; but why did he ever feel that he needed a guide?

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    2388. Once Dead, Now Alive
    Jan. 9, 2018

    If you would understand regeneration, you must be born again. If you would understand faith, simple as it is, you must yourselves believe.

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    2387. Good Advice For Troublesome Times
    Jan. 8, 2018

    The Lord has a very particular care for his own people. Child of God, your Father’s eye is lovingly fixed on you; his heart cares for you every moment.

Spurgeon Sermons

These sermons from Charles Spurgeon are a series that is for reference and not necessarily a position of Answers in Genesis. Spurgeon did not entirely agree with six days of creation and dives into subjects that are beyond the AiG focus (e.g., Calvinism vs. Arminianism, modes of baptism, and so on).

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