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The works of Charles Spurgeon have inspired millions of Christians around the world for over a hundred years. His wisdom and insight into God’s Word and world have helped others discover the richness of Scripture. Answers in Genesis is pleased to present the text of a large collection of sermons from this 19th century “Prince of Preachers.”

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    2426. A Prayer For Revival
    March 2, 2018

    Godly men, when they prayed of old, meant it. They did not pray for form’s sake, neither were they very particular about uttering goodly words and fine-sounding sentences; but they came to close grips with God. They interrogated him, they questioned him, they pleaded with him.

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    2425. Self-Destroyed, Yet Saved
    March 1, 2018

    It would be a very important subject for our meditation if we kept to the text, and thought about its great truth, — that the ruin of man is altogether from himself, and the salvation of man is altogether from God. These two statements, I believe, comprehend the main points of a sound theology.

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    2424. The New Song On Earth
    Feb. 28, 2018

    This man who talks about his song, and seems to be very much struck with the fact that he has become a singer, was formerly a man of prayer. I do not doubt that he was still praying while he was praising; but he began to pray before he began to praise.

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    2423. The Model Soul Winner
    Feb. 27, 2018

    Jesus said to the woman of Samaria, “Give me a drink.” I speak to many here who are wise to win souls. I hope that I also address many more who, although they have not yet learned this wisdom, are anxious, if possible, to be used by God to bless their fellow creatures.

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    2422. “There Is Forgiveness.”
    Feb. 26, 2018

    Cast yourself on the mercy of your Judge, and you shall find mercy; but first acknowledge that you need mercy. Be honest with your conscience, and honest with your God, and confess your iniquity which you have done, and mourn over the righteousness to which you have not attained.

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    2421. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    Feb. 23, 2018

    This morning, we were trying to extol our God, our King, and to magnify his holy name; and something seemed to say to me, “Hold on to that strain. Let us have the same note again tonight, and let us still laud and praise and magnify the name of the Most High.”

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    2420. “The King Can Do No Wrong.”
    Feb. 22, 2018

    We may go and do, on our own account, things that shall bring dishonour to the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and King. He will have no part nor lot in them, nothing that he has taught will suggest them, and nothing that he desires will urge us to act like that.

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    2419. Repentance After Conversion
    Feb. 21, 2018

    I appeal to those who have tasted that the Lord is gracious, who have been restored from spiritual death, who are debtors to free grace and dying love. I invite and entreat them to accompany us while we present to God the sacrifices which he will not despise, the sacrifices of a broken spirit and a contrite heart.

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    2418. “All Of One”
    Feb. 20, 2018

    Come, my hearer, do you belong to the sanctified? Have you any part or lot in this matter? Does it concern you that the Sanctifier and the sanctified are “all of one” if you are not one of them? The more glorious the privileges of the gospel, the more doleful is your state if they are not yours.

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    2417. First Forgiveness, Then Healing
    Feb. 19, 2018

    He cares more about you, and about what shall take place in you, than about any of the Pharisees or doctors of the law who may be sitting by. God is glorified in scattering his miracles of mercy where there is the greatest need of them.

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    2416. Adorning The Gospel
    Feb. 16, 2018

    I am afraid that there are some Christians who would hardly like the best preaching that they could ever have. The best doctrine that could ever be delivered would be like that of our Lord Jesus Christ himself, — eminently ethical, full of precepts and words of wisdom for daily life.

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    2415. The Believer’s Inheritance Of Joy
    Feb. 15, 2018

    When David wrote these words, he was not in a condition of ease and luxury. He was not even in a position of assured safety. You know what we mean when we say that a man carries his life in his hand; that is to say, he expects death, he is in imminent peril, and may at any moment be cut off from his fellow men.

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    2414. The Prodigal’s Climax
    Feb. 14, 2018

    May you feel that, to be out of sync with God, to wish to be separated from him, and to have other interests than those of him who made you, must be dangerous, and probably will be fatal! Come to yourself at this earliest stage of your history, and love and rejoice in God as the prodigal returned to his father!

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    2413. Despised Light Withdrawn
    Feb. 13, 2018

    Our Saviour was very gentle with those who had real difficulties. He would reason with them over and over again; he would state a truth, and restate it; or he would enlarge and expand it, for he was gentle with seeking souls as a mother is with her child.

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    2412. A Special Benediction
    Feb. 12, 2018

    Those were troublesome times in which Jude wrote this very forcible Epistle. The first early days of Christianity, with all the spring-time of the singing of birds and the blossoming of flowers, had passed away. There had come times of trial for everyone; but worst of all were the troubles within the church.

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    2411. Why Some Seekers Are Not Saved
    Feb. 9, 2018

    There are some people who are not saved, though we should have expected that they would have been converted long ago. Our text explains the reason, so, without any preface, let us come to it at once.

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    2410. Spring-time In Nature And Grace
    Feb. 8, 2018

    I think, indeed, I am sure that there are many of us who have passed through our spiritual winter. We have also had our spring, we are even coming to our summer, and there are some whose ripe and mellow experience has the peacefulness of autumn about it.

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    2409. A Great Sermon By The Greatest Preacher
    Feb. 7, 2018

    It is from heaven that this voice comes; it is the voice of the Father himself who speaks; and what the voice says is worthy to be treasured in the hearts of us all: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

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    2408. Christ The Cure For Troubled Hearts
    Feb. 6, 2018

    Unbelief is a great troubler. Our peace comes to us by faith; and if our faith grows weak, our peace of mind is apt to decline and we are likely to become much disturbed in spirit. If those who are believers, who have passed from death to life, are sometimes troubled, you may be sure that others are.

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    2407. Feeding On A Whole Christ
    Feb. 5, 2018

    There is no one but Jesus for each one of us; there is no unique way for this man because of his righteous life, and no unique way for that person because of his ungodliness; but for the most moral and the most immoral there is the same Saviour, to be received by the same precious faith.

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    2406. An Appeal To Children Of Godly Parents
    Feb. 2, 2018

    Would you become spiritually wise? Come and hear what the Spirit of God has to say by the mouth of the wise man.

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    2405. Joy, A Duty
    Feb. 1, 2018

    People who are very happy, especially those who are very happy in the Lord, are not apt either to give offence or to take offence.

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    2404. “A People Prepared For The Lord.”
    Jan. 31, 2018

    John was the herald of Christ; he was to prepare the way for the coming King, but from this text it appears that he was to do more than that.

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    2403. The Sweet And The Sweetener
    Jan. 30, 2018

    May God the Holy Spirit help us all sweetly to meditate on him of whom the psalmist speaks here!

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