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Dear friend of Answers in Genesis,

AiG has always had an emphasis on training children to be prepared to stand in this anti-Christian world.

So, allow me to share something exciting with you. In the lower level of the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter, a large room has been constructed for a laboratory to seat 48 students.

It will cost $500,000 to equip this lab and we already have one supporter who gave us $100,000 to encourage others to give.Your gift will help teach the younger generation that there is no real “science vs. the Bible” conflict. (In fact, scientists like Newton, Faraday, and Pasteur were all Bible believing Christians!)

Thank you for joining with us to fund this exciting laboratory project!

Ken Ham

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Twelve Stones Christian Academy is a biblical-worldview Christian school in Northern Kentucky. As an outreach of Answers in Genesis, this school is training the next generation to think biblically and critically by using apologetics to show them how to defend their faith and be bold witnesses for the Lord.


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